Union Wellness Centers' one simple mission: to improve your quality of life and overall health. We exclusively serve our members and their families.
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The High-Touch Healthcare You Deserve

Because UWC serves Local Trade Unions, our centers focus strictly on the health and wellness needs of our members. Primary Care Providers only attend to our members and their families, allowing them to spend more time getting to know our members and their specific needs as Tradesmen and Tradeswomen.

UWC health providers know and understand what specifically to look for and ask about, face-to-face. They bring special attention and awareness to what our members really need to stay healthy. They are passionate for the needs of members, and take as much time as needed in every appointment. A huge contrast from the high-throughput assembly line of some healthcare facilities.

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Should your local join the Union Wellness Center Partnership?

UWC is a partnership between Local Trade Unions and Marathon Health to provide the best experience with healthcare for members and their families. By joining forces, the Local Trade Unions are able to negotiate affordable and accessible care from providers. The partnership enables Unions to build and operate centers that offer all the services needed in one location for members and their families to stay healthy.

If you are interested in offering your members the best possible healthcare, and want to leverage joining a partnership with over 30,000+ members, contact us. By joining forces, we can negotiate directly with healthcare companies to get the best prices and benefits for our members. Together!

You Deserve Care You Can Count On

You and your family will receive superior care with zero co-pays, no deductibles, minimum wait times, and primary care providers who take time to focus on your health, face-to-face!
Primary Care

Comprehensive care from providers who know and understand you

Motion HealthSM

We can identify the source of musculoskeletal issues early

Lab Draws

Get bloodwork done

Annual Wellness Exams

Annual, no-cost check-ups to help prevent disease and disability


Receive necessary immunizations to prevent sickness

Physical Therapy

Promote, maintain, or restore health with no co-pay therapy

Sick Care

For illness or injury that can't wait until tomorrow

Wellness Education

Help and education to keep you and your family healthy

Vision Care for your Family

Learn more by visiting Union Eyes


Common medications available at no cost when your aren't feeling your best or need to start a new medication.

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UWC is exclusive to members and families of the following Local Union Trades:

Iron Workers Local 63
Plumbers Local 130
Riggers Local 136
Electricians Locals 176
SMART Local 265
Local 502
Electricians Locals 701
Iron Workers Local 395
Local 17